Yoga Causing Extreme Happiness: Yoga As Part of Global Healthcare

Yoga the spiritual discipline that was developed in ancient India is now popular all over the world. Historians estimate that it could have started around 5000 to 10,000 years ago. It was widely taught and practiced throughout the subcontinent and now worldwide. Since then it has given the world a wealth of knowledge and insight […]

Yoga Do’s and Don’ts for beginners

Yoga is an age-old fitness method that has proven positive impact on the body and mind of people. It improves the strength of bones and muscles while also improving flexibility. It reverses the effects of aging on the human body and helps you gain more stability and better posture. Its breathing exercises strengthen and expands […]

Yogasanas By the Experts

Yoga poses are an amazing way to build endurance and strength without any strain. These are poses practiced by Yogis in India who have for thousands of years lived wellness enriched lives thanks to Yoga. Here I’m sharing my notes on some basic Yoga poses (Yogasana) that I do every day. 1. Shavasana Shava = […]

Yogasana – Basics

Some will tell you that yogasana – unlike Raja yoga – is too slow… But actually, it is an intense and holistic exercise. This ancient form of fitness has its roots in India. Yoga focuses on developing balance, strength and flexibility. Don’t let anyone misguide you, as these are all benefits of practicing yoga and […]