Star fruit – the super-fruit

Today I write about how high-acid fruits – specifically the Star Fruit – which I absolutely love the flavour of (and usually buy by the dozen when it’s in season). Here’s what Food Facts has to say on this topic [1]: The greatest amount of nutrients in star fruit is derived from vitamin C, providing […]

And why do you NOT get gas when you’re on a Raw Diet?

Releasing gas is a common thing in most workplaces – it’s commonly a source of embarassment to the perpetrator, and a source of nose-wrinkling for those around. But why does it happen? Here’s the 3 main causes and their cures. Too much fat Fat produces foul smelling gas.  In The 80/10/10 Diet Dr. Doug Graham recommends consuming […]

Basics of a Raw Diet

Your diet – i.e. the food you eat on a day to day basis – determines the quality of your body and its functioning. Clearly if you consume poison, you die – and we’ve found that consuming junk foods is nearly as bad and poisonous as, well, poison! Here’s what Dr Charm – the age […]