What kind of muscles do you have?

If you said “big” or “small” or “red” or “white” – you’re only half right. I want to introduce to you the concept of “pink” muscle and how to build it…. But he’s some background about the body first [1].

So the body has 2 primary muscle types: Red and White.

Red muscles also have lots of mitochondria. This too gives them a darker colour. And they also have lots of capillaries – these are small blood vessels which supply oxygen-filled blood to the muscle fibers. These red muscles are also known as “slow twitch fibers”.

These muscle fibres contract slowly – and can continue working hard for a long time without fatiguing. If you haven’t figured it out yet, these are the ‘Aerobic Muscles’ (ones you use during aerobic exercise). These are the muscles that use mostly oxygen to make their energy.

When you walk long distances, lift light weights for long periods of time, or even just do your daily sit-ups and crunches – you’re activating mostly red muscles.

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