Clear your Clouded Mind of excess thoughts: through Meditation

Keeping your mind calm and clear is not just a ‘technique’ or ‘trick’ – it’s a way of life. It allows you to materialize your thoughts into this world (as speech / work) with the same ease as you think them. I’ve found Meditation is an incredibly easy, yet highly effective way to do this.

Let me give you an example of myself. There was a time (back in the year 2000) when I used to be stressed, tensed and honestly could barely find time out of the stress and tension to be able to think! I remember I used to stutter a lot. And could never think up one clear thought – let alone put it on paper. Maybe it was just me back then; but I see some kids today and they have exactly the same problems that I did! It would be no surprise if they grew up carrying these burdens with them.

When I came across a meditation and relaxation technique my parents were practicing, it felt like a lifetime of relief was offered to me in mere seconds. This created an interest in learning more about the workings of the mind – its nuances, awkwardness, dilemmas, limitations – all properties of the limited mind.

Today I write about a comparative approach between modern health-tech and traditional relaxation/meditation techniques. And you will see how clearly the modern method reinforces the traditional one.

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