Raja Yoga: the powerful wand for life

Raja Yoga: the powerful wand for life

Our genuine intellect

According to the Raja Yoga, the primary hindrance in realising your own worth is over thinking, our attachment to our body, intellect, and mind, and a mind which reacts overly. The egoic concept of your mind which causes a factor of ‘me’ and separates us from the rest of the world. The reality of this fact is that these hindrances can come for one and all. However, these obstacles make us forget who we actually are and what we can do in the universe.


To understand and get to know who we actually are from within is to calm these thoughts down and also rest the activity of our brain by ceasing our consciousness. This aspect of slowing down the activity of the brain is done by slowing down the resistance of the mind to beautiful thoughts.One of the best ways to do so is to conduct within oneself the Raja Yoga.

How is Raja Yoga wonderful for the mental and physical health of a person?

Raja Yoga can do wonders for your body. However, sometimes Raja Yoga is confused with another beneficial yoga which is the Hatha Yoga. They are most of the times blended and also confused with each other. As wonderful as both of the yogas are, the components of both the yogas are extremely great.

Raja Yoga is one of the best ways to work on enhancing your mental health. You can attain wonderous results for your min if you tend to maintain a follow up with Raja Yoga as it provides you the maximum purity in mind, balance in life, and energy in your bodies both mentally and physically. The true silence in mind can be achieved when you decide to call yourself on the noises of the outer environment and start to focus all your energy on the voices o the inside and learn how to structure them.

It may sound difficult; however, the practice of this yoga has shown tremendous results in the same. When you make your mind habitual of Raja Yoga, you gain more intellect than you could have ever imagined, you transcend your mental tendencies, and your consciousness becomes powerful with mild meditation and proper rest in your mind.
Raja yoga enriches your body with focus which leads to make your body in a state of true mediation and works on beautifying the foundation of your living.

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