Understanding the difference between Yoga and Yoga Therapy

Understanding the difference between Yoga and Yoga Therapy

With the popular health benefits of Yoga, they have been widely accepted worldwide. There are thousands of well-documented researches cited the proven improving health conditions of taking up yoga. But why people take up yoga seriously is because they attract self-improvement and maintain mental health along with the other health benefits. Yoga in every form is considered to be “therapeutic”. They cure, heal and help you out in some fatal conditions. Though yoga and yoga therapy may seemingly have many similarities they are distinct and serve different purposes. The confusion has lead yoga into gyms and fitness studios while understanding the difference is the primary condition before we accept them.

What is Yoga Therapy?

We all know the therapeutic health benefits of yoga and it has been known for centuries. They have been supportive for you to build strength, show confidence, improve performance, reduce the stress, maintain metal health and motivate for happiness. But yoga as a therapy evolved only after 1960’s. The yoga practitioners and clinical scientists worked together to analyze the similarities in practicing yoga. The physical and psychological changes were noted while the people are practicing yoga. This helped them to foster the effects in combining the science and health under various medical conditions. These advancements were able to measure the impacts of yoga and its progress. Hence they are widely accepted in both scientific world and by many yogic gurus.


The benefits of Yoga therapy:

We will be to understand the difference between yoga and yoga therapy by varying the application. Yoga involves series of poses and meditation while setting the group in common. The facilitators or the teachers have major contribution to serve the best of the purpose to this common group.
But yoga therapy is individualized and works with people of different conditions. This condition may include health and particular ailment in any part of the body. There are courses designed for people with different medical condition. Each of the individual has various illnesses along with some special situations like diabetics, heart disease, breathing trouble etc. The focus is on treating the particular health condition rather than general physiological conditions. The therapists do not teach yoga but concentrate more on the techniques the can act as a tool to improve health.
For example if you want to have mental peace, do some exercises, maintain the fitness, then you can reach out to the yoga teachers. While if you want to cure specific illness like back pain, depression, some of the chronic diseases then therapists can help you better.

How does the training differ?

Yoga therapists may require more training hours just like your 21 days workshop. Here the training may vary between 200-500 hours with supported programs. These courses are tailored by medical practitioners, psychologists, physicians, neurologists and of course yoga therapists. There are specialized therapists for each of your problems that are serious in nature. But the main motive of undergoing this training is to provide recovery without any side effects unlike the modern medicine. The change in every session is noted and improves the course based on the needs.
Overall yoga therapy is introduced to improve health conditions, a custom designed approach with the combination of empathy, compassion and yoga techniques.

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