Ayurvedic Rituals You Should Be Starting Right Now!

Ayurvedic Rituals You Should Be Starting Right Now!

Living a healthy life is the biggest concern these days. We are living our day where we feel all time exhausted and tattered from the body. If you’re the person who really wants to improve his overall health, must go for yoga but it is important for you to know about the rituals and practices of “Ayurveda.”
Well, yoga and Ayurveda both are different concepts, but to keep us healthy and fit forever these are the optimal ways. In modern lifestyle, yoga and Ayurveda techniques assist our body to stay always fit and ready to fight with chronic diseases by nourishing our body with healthy diet, hygienic practices, physical movements, and much more.

Here, in this article, we are come up with 7 rituals which you should do in your regular day to make your better version.


1. Drink plenty of water

Water is an essential substance that can flush out toxins, keeping the body hydrated and maintain metabolism so, it is important for the person to consume it in heavy amount. When you wake up, do stretching and drink one glass of lukewarm water to activate organs to do function properly so, it can supports better bowel movements.

2. Go to bed timely

According to Ayurveda, sleep on time is one of the best ways to enjoy good health. Make sure you go to bed at 10 pm, because at the time of 10 pm-2am bodies detoxifies and do easy bowel movements in the morning.

3. Wake up early

As you go for sleep on time it’s obvious you will wake up early. Try to open your eyes at 6 am. In Ayurveda science, the person who wakes up late or after sunrise the more he feels anxiety, anger, and unrest throughout the day.

4. Always clean tongue

One of the best Ayurveda regime is to clean your tongue every day. Use the best tongue scraper to eliminate the toxins and bacteria that present in your mouth throughout the day. Use herbal toothpaste to clean your teeth. You must add garlic and salt to clean your throat.

5. Do the cleansing process

In Ayurveda science, cleaning process includes, “shat kriya” and “Neti kriya” both its own way to use and give benefits for your skin and body. After waking up, usually, we splash water on our face to feel fresh, which is called shat kriya whereas Neti kriya is associated with nostril cleaning.

6. Meditation, Pranayama, and yoga

Undoubtedly, the ideal way to keep your body attentive and healthy meditation, pranayama and yoga are the way to eliminate bad toxins and unhealthy nods from the body.

7. Eat healthily

To add fuel to your body it’s very important to eat healthy which is full of nutrients that can feed the belly and recharge you to stay active throughout the day. You should add fruits, vegetables, and salad.

By integrating these rituals you will become fit, energetic and relaxed. Go ahead and lead your life in your own way!

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