What are the foods you can consume in the restaurants? A favorite healthy keto spot

What are the foods you can consume in the restaurants? A favorite healthy keto spot

Having food outside has become more common. You do not have to part or it does not have to be any occasion. You can casually walk to any restaurant at any time. But for people who practice Ketogenic diet, this may sound abnormal. While you are not allowed to have some cheat days and skip the routines as and when you like. You need to be strictly stick on Keto diet be it at home or restaurants. But it is good to go where you can still have a chance to customize the food or at least its preparation. Check out what you might have while you are away from home or at restaurants when you are on a keto diet.


1. Seafood:
Fish and almost all sea-foods are keto-friendly. Salmon and other shell-fish are rich in vitamins, selenium and potassium and they may seemingly look carbs-free. But depending on the various types of fishes they have carbs content varyingly. For example, crabs and shrimps contain no carb at all while some of the other shellfish does. It is important to account for carb but you can still go ahead and order. Note down some of popular shellfish and their carb counts below:

  • Squid – 3gms in 100gms of fish
  • Mussels – 7gms in 100gms of fish
  • Oyster – 4gms in 100gms of fish
  • Clams- 5gms in 100gms of fish
  • Salmon, Mackerel and other fatty fishes are in Omega-3 fats and they have ability to lower your insulin level. For people who are obese and overweight find these fishes insulin sensitivity. However, Fish intake is the most healthy and safest food outside and improves mental health. You can at least have two servings every week.

    Non-Starchy Vegetables:
    They are low in carbs and calories but they have many vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Many of the non-starchy vegetables are rich in Vitamin C and fibers, which is not easily digested by your body. Whenever you calculate the carb counts you must minus the fiber since they are indigestible. Vegetables contain antioxidants which can help you get away with free radicals and their unstable molecules which are responsible for cell damage. When you order food at restaurants look at salads that have the low net carb content. Usually they range from 1gm to 8gms only. Check out for raw spinach salads that has just one gram of carb in one cup and Brussels sprouts have eight grams of them. The starchy vegetables like Yam, potatoes, beets may close your entire carb limit of the day. Choose kale, broccoli, mimic rice, zucchini and cauliflower for your healthy but tasty keto lunch.


    Cheese keeps us exciting especially when you are on keto diet. They are delicious and at the same time highly nutritious. They are best suit for keto foods outside since they have very low carb count and high in fats be it any type of cheese. For instance one ounce of cheddar cheese has only one gram of carbs. They help in reducing the muscle mass and high in saturated fat that lower the risk of heart diseases.

    Go delicious on your keto diet! No restrictions on your perfect lunch at your favorite restaurant.

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