Why Should You Avoid these Foods on A Keto Diet?

Why Should You Avoid these Foods on A Keto Diet?

Are you not sure what not to eat during the keto diet? Keto diet is a low-carb diet that can help you to lose weight, maintain your appropriate diabetic status and even some of the fatal conditions. Because eating low-carb foods like eggs, vegetables, fish, meat, olive oil, and other natural fats may attribute the best keto conditions but what needs to be kept aside? You must understand that if you are a beginner stick to only foods with 5% of the carbs.

Your total daily carbs can be easily determined if you limit some of these foods listed below in your regular diet. It is better to avoid them entirely if you have your personal tolerance.


1. Bread & Grains:

This is making it hard on your food. Yes! We understand that bread has been a staple diet in many countries, but they consist of high carbs. Be it bread made of refined flour or whole grain bread, their carb content just varies on their ingredients. Avoiding food in many forms such as bagels, flatbreads, bread loaves, rolls, and tortillas, make it part of the keto diet. For the clear idea, check this average count of carbs in bread
Whole-wheat bread: 17gms
Tortilla: 36gms
White Bread: 14gms
Bagel: 29gms

2. Starchy Vegetables:

When it comes to vegetables, not just in keto diet, even many other nutritionists consider them as a “Free food.” Which means they are high in fiber and they can help you to reduce the weight incredibly. But high-starch vegetables may ruin the routine and should be limited at once. These high starch foods will convert themselves into digestive carbs other than fiber. Here is the list of vegetables to avoid during the keto diet.
Sweet Potato:24gms
Corn: 41gms
Instead, you can consume vegetables like Broccoli, bell pepper,, Mushrooms and more of spinach. These are easily available to contain maximum 7gms of carbs.

3. Cereals:

You all must be aware of the fact that avoiding sugary food, sweetened beverages even candy and cake for that matter. Similarly, cereals might lead the list. You might be surprised to know that cereals have the carb range between 32-39gms. Among which nuts grape cereals packs up to 46gms of carbs which could be half of your required carb content for the day. A bowl of cereal can actually throw you out of the keto diet even before the milk is added in them.

4. Beer:

Beer is reasonably high in carbs. As you start following the low carb diet, you can still enjoy the alcohol moderately. For instance, the wine has only a few, and hard liquor has nothing at all. But beer may promote weight gain, and it is the reversal of the entire process. The dangerous element of consuming beer is that you can never compensate by eating much lesser carbs later or through your workouts. Almost 13gms of carb content can be found in 12 ounces of can beer. However, if you are sleeky about it the least you can drink is the light beer that has 6gms only.

While following keto diet, it is important to choose the right nutritious food at the same time has only a few carbs in them.

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