Yoga Improving Immune System

Yoga Improving Immune System

With the fast-paced lifestyle and change in living habits, the main part of us that takes a hit is our immune system. The situations and environment around us keep changing constantly giving a constant challenge to the immune system and therefore weakening it. Once you recognize the peril you put your body through its time to make some remedies. Thankfully there are some self-care habits we can adopt to improve our weakened immune system. The bonus is that you don’t need any complex medications or routines for this. Let us look at how it can be done.



This is the first enemy you need to battle to improve your immune system. Recent studies continue to show that stress can actually suppress your immune cells and make them less effective. The simple solution to this is breathing exercises. Deep breathing can reduce stress drastically. It can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. It can even relax your digestive tract. Yoga has a specific routine called ‘pranayama’ that focuses on controlled breathing. This practice is very beneficial in this area. It has shown great results in many practitioners worldwide. Remember to find a good instructor who can teach you to do this correctly and without any mistakes.

This practice is not very time consuming and will take only a few minutes. It is easy to be consistent with this practice and fit it into your day efficiently. This is definitely easier than fitting an intense fitness routine into your day. If you decide to take a course on yoga, you can practice it a few times a week in the beginning. Once you are familiar with the practice, you can practice it by yourself every day or even multiple times as per your stress levels. Try to develop a routine of it every day that is consistent for best results.


Another main threat to your immune is rapid changes in the environment. Moving around and traveling may be an important part of your job. It may even be a good impact on your mental health. But it doesn’t work well for our immune. The constant change in sleep pattern, irregular diets, and dehydration may be a huge threat to our immune system. This is where restorative yoga comes in. many research studies show that yoga causes a positive response on the body when it is undergoing severe changes. The best part of this type of yoga is that it can be performed anywhere without any equipment or elaborate preparation. You can even find apps online that can help you learn and practice these sequences. It only consumes a few minutes of your time and is a big plus while you’re constantly on the move.
This practice can be done whenever you feel your body and mind are under strain. Performing some stretches at the beginning or very end of the day can reduce the negative impact caused by the changing environment and rejuvenate your body and soul.

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