How Much Weight Do You Loose On A Keto Diet?

How Much Weight Do You Loose On A Keto Diet?

Keto diets have been in the news for a long time now. We have been hearing a lot about the miraculous weight loss that happened in such a short span of time and the countless success stories that come with Keto. You may recall being surprised by the before and after pictures that showcase people who have transformed drastically. Each of these portrays the great results observed by a selected individual and their journey through Keto. This may not be the complete story. There may be other factors involved that we may just not be aware of. It is, therefore, necessary to go for a holistic approach while determining the diet that is a right fit for you.

With Keto being the go-to diet for weight loss it is necessary to ask the question how much weight does it actually help you lose. This number depends on a number of factors and may not be the same for everyone.

How long can you sustain Keto?

People in studies, or in clinical conditions are taken as the object of study but this may not apply to people in the real world. Keto is actually not very sustainable in the long term. Most people are able to stay on Keto diets only for about a month and then need to switch to other diets. It is especially difficult for people who are not keeping the diet for medical health conditions. Though keto may show amazing results in the first few weeks, the rate of weight loss is very slow as it progresses. Many people thus lose interest in it.

How much weight can you lose in 1 month?

Like most diets, Keto shows rapid weight loss in the first one month. Medical professionals recommend that you can lose 1 or maybe 2 pounds a week by just exercising and eating a balanced meal. So how is Keto different from this? The main difference is that Keto leads to a lot of water from the body in the first few weeks due to low carb intake. After this, the real fat burning begins. The water alone can cause you to drop 10 pounds or more but the loss of weight due to fat burning can take more time and effort.
How much weight you lose during the fat burning phase depends on your life choices. Are you willing to stick to the diet even when the results are slow? Are you ready to do exercises along with the diet and sustaining for months? Then, of course, we have the Keto flu or the side effects that you may or may not experience depending on your body type. There is no sure shot way to determine an exact number for how much fat you can lose.

If You are determined to stick to the routine and the diet agrees with your body, then you are safe to go ahead and pursue Keto. It is important to keep in mind that different diets work differently for different people. Try to come up with a diet and exercise plan beforehand and discuss this with a health professional before you start. You can also experiment with different diets before you find the right fit for you.

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