Common Mistakes that Every Yoga Beginner Does

Common Mistakes that Every Yoga Beginner Does

Yoga is becoming a trend in the fitness world as it gives you physical and mental fitness. It is a blend of breathing, bending, stretching and concentrating and it’s beneficial for people of all age groups. There is a lot you can learn in the practice of yoga and it may take a long time to perfect your poses but there are some common mistakes that beginners do which may lessen the effectiveness of the practice. So let us take a look at some of these mistakes and why they are important to correct them.


1. Rushing through:
Yoga is a practice that cannot and should not be rushed. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and travel to your yoga class or to settle down for your session at home. Pace yourself carefully and be mindful as you perform the poses. Take a few deep breaths to relax before you begin.

2. Inappropriate clothing:
If your clothes are too tight or restrictive, it could distract you from the practices. It can also constrict your breathing as yoga requires you to breathe in and out lots of fresh air. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and at the same time make it easy to stretch and move around in.

3. Cleanliness:
Cleanliness is a necessary and important criterion while practicing yoga. This includes showering yourself, wearing clean clothes, using a clean and dust free yoga mat and also practicing in a peaceful noise free room with lots of ventilation.

4. Practicing on a full stomach:
Many beginners tend to overlook this particular aspect when the plan their yoga session. Planning your meal at least an hour before your yoga session is very important. Having a full stomach will slow you down and make you uncomfortable while doing yoga.

5. Electronic distractions:
People now cannot live without their gadgets and often keep it with them during sessions. This is a major distraction and can cause negatives impacts on your body while performing yoga. Keep these away before you start your practice for best results.

6. Breath holding:
Maintaining and even deep breath is difficult and can take a long time to achieve. But holding your breath in forcefully can be bad for your mind and body. Try to follow your instructor and match their pace. Allow your body to communicate with you and breathe accordingly.

7. Not asking for help:
Beginners may feel shy to ask their teachers or instructors for help. If you have any difficulty with the pose or need the support of a cushion to feel free to ask for it. Also, ask if you have any doubts or confusions. It is better to clear the doubts than performing the pose wrong.

8. Inconsistent practice:
We all lead very busy lives and it is possible that something important may come up in our schedule when we have our yoga session planned. Inconsistent yoga practice not only makes the progress difficult, but it also hinders the rhythm that the body is working up to. You have to, therefore, make a choice to dedicate some time solely for the purpose of yoga.

9. Skipping Shavasana:
The final relaxation pose is as important as any other. Forgoing this pose can disturb the equilibrium of the body and cause unnecessary strain on your body. This pose helps you to integrate and absorb all the practices you have done during the session. Hence always remember to not skip Shavasana.

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