Avoid these Yogasanas to avoid during her pregnancy: 5 yoga methods

Avoid these Yogasanas to avoid during her pregnancy: 5 yoga methods

Yoga is a wonderful remedy for every age and for every condition. Pregnancy is quite helped and improved all through the nine months and also during delivery and labor if you practice yoga each and every day. However, not all the yogas are good for you. Some of the yoga poses can also be harmful for you and may cause the baby to get harmed and even more sever conditions. Thus, it is important that you practice only those yogas which do not harm you. Below are a few yoga positions which you must avoid during pregnancy:
Revolving side angled pose

This pose requires you to put all your weight on one side on one of your hands and a twisting motion which may cause the baby to move abruptly on one of its sides. Also, twisting in this way can harm the sensitive body of your baby. It may cause cramp in your midline and hamper his space.


Full wheel pose

Full wheel affects your midline. This may stretch your body sometimes abruptly. However, if you are comfortable, you can continue to do it.

Bow Pose

Bow Pose is a big NO if you are pregnant and the baby bump has come out to become visible. This pose requires you to lay down your tummy and stretch your leg backwards. This is going to impose a lot of pressure on your stomach and is extremely harmful for you and your baby.

Facing dog pose on blocks

This pose requires you to have a plank done in the air with your hands on the blocks. Since you have gained a lot of weight during this time, it is not advisable that you do this pose as you might come down and fall on your belly on the ground very heavily due to the weight of your baby in your stomach which is again harmful.

Supported side angle

This pose also requires for you pose in a different way than usually. It will twist your belly and legs which is not apt for your baby and yourself as well.

All these poses must be avoided strictly. It is also advisable that if you are performing yoga during pregnancy, do not do it while you are alone. Always have company and also take guidance from your trainer surely.

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