Yoga Tips for Women Who Works at Home

Yoga Tips for Women Who Works at Home

Yoga has gained immense popularity among the masses these days. It is not because many celebrities and health experts talk about it but its benefits and proven track records are endorsement in itself. You might have seen many people doing yoga at parks and in specialized classes, what about those who don’t have time to access these place. So, I have brought some tips for the women who cannot attend these classes or go to park or cannot afford a personal trainer. So, here we go:

Morning is the best time: Yes! It is true. Although evening is not a bad time but if you want to maximize the benefit, go for a morning routine.

Perform it with empty stomach: It’s the best way to attain the desired result. If it is not possible to do yoga empty stomach straight way, you can have a cup of tea or some water.

Have a soft mat: To perform various Asanas you will need a mat and that should be comfortable, else you will end up getting bad posture and related problems.

Choose comfortable clothing: Your clothing will definitely have a say in your performance. Say no to tight and uncomfortable clothes like jeans and tight fit clothes. You can have a loose t shirt or sports wears. Essence is that the clothes should let you breathe.

Research well: If you have set the goal right then research on the various ways through which you can attain that. Yeah! I am talking about various postures (Asanas) and Pranayams. Watch the videos or find out a good blog. You can also get a book which explains the postures with their benefits.

Hear the soothing music: Music does wonder to our health. You can opt for some really good instrumentals and mantras. This will provide the calmness to your mind. You can concentrate well with the music.

Leave all the worries behind: Whenever you sit for the yoga- think positive. Make your mind that you are going to get the results and you are pampering your body to make it ready to perform all the tasks efficiently.

Don’t get too harsh on yourself: The best way to perform any exercise is to start it from basic. Do some light exercise in beginning. Reach at the peak and then slow down your body steadily.
Hold the breath right- Go slow! This constitute the essence of yoga. If you don’t have idea of breath you cannot control the flow. Take it easy, deep breaths and here you go!
At the end, I would like to suggest you- first, don’t expect a super flexible body at the beginning. It takes time to be a pro in any given thing. Second, don’t forget to keep all the distractions away- like your mobile phone or tablet, while practicing yoga. And third, be regular in anything you start; only the regularity will pay. So, don’t wait to be fit- start the yoga.

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