Unleash your inner happiness: Yogic methods

Unleash your inner happiness: Yogic methods

Most of us carry with us a lot of pain, trauma, anxiety, and illness. We are often not ourselves with the people around us, be it family, friends, or colleagues. We often close our inner happiness up and hide yourselves from the world. This is just a protection mechanism that most of us have grown to learn. We are taught by life that being ourselves leads to a lot of pain and misery. So we often put on a mask that mirrors that of the people around us. But this often takes a toll on your stress levels and soon has its impact on your health.
So do you want to take a step back and try to be yourself, without getting hurt or losing the people you cherish? Lets see how.


1) Discovering the Joy:

Joy is experienced differently by different people in different situations. It gives you peace and helps you connect with people and nature. So the first step is to identify what brings you joy. Observe yourself through your day and note down experiences of joy. Now explore what caused this joy and jot that down.

2) Create your Joy:

Now that you know what brings you joy, it’s time to create this joy. Schedule time during the day to do what you enjoy. This will help you have some joy in your every day to carry around as you face different situations all through the day. This joy often spread from you to the ones around you and creates a positive environment for you.

3) The balance:

It is great that you are spreading happiness to people as you go but it also necessary that you need to control the conversations we have with people around us. This will only bring more stress to you so set your balance. Instead of trying to pull off being the best at everything, just be you. Just like joy, stress and tension can also be contagious. Remember to protect yourself from these and carefully steer the conversation in such a way as to maintain your balance or equilibrium. Try to give them a boost by talking something cheerful or positive instead.
Do these steps feel like something too difficult to do? Well here is the best way to ensure that you have the mental strength to go through with it.

Yoga for happiness:

Yoga can greatly boost your self-esteem and confidence. It can help you maintain better health and a more positive body image in less than 10 minutes a day. It helps achieve physical, mental and spiritual wellness and leads you to a life of love and compassion. It helps you to manage your emotions better. The main reason we have trouble dealing with this is that we are taught to repress negative emotions. Yoga, on the other hand, lets you embrace the dark emotions within you. It helps you to accept your thoughts without judging them as good or bad and just observing them in peace.

Meditating can help you feel connected to everything around you and experience a joy in the oneness. It may take some time for you to fully comprehend and analyze these emotions, but once you bring them to the surface through meditation, they slowly disappear and are replaced by just inner joy.
With time, you are cured of all your fears, anxiety, stress and anger. This balance helps maintain equilibrium in life as well as your mind.

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