8 Superveggies to enhance your health conditions

8 Superveggies to enhance your health conditions

We have always been told to eat veggies but do we know what veggies are the best for us? Keep reading to find out.
1. Swiss Chard:

This vegetable looks very much like kale. It may have stems in white, yellow, red or green stems and is a cruciferous vegetable. Like most other cruciferous vegetables, it has cancer-fighting properties. It has a lot of Vitamin K content and just a cup full of it enough to supply 7 times the vitamin K you need in a day. This vitamin is very important to maintain healthy bones. It is also highly rich in antioxidants. These are compounds that help protect you from environmental and psychological stress toxins. It reverses the signs of aging.


2. Kelp:

This vegetable contains a rich supply of iron, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients keep your skin, hair, and bones healthy. It also contains high iodine content that is necessary for a healthy thyroid gland. This is what helps regulate your body’s energy production. If your thyroid isn’t healthy, it causes weight gain and fatigue.

3. Daikon radish:

This a very common vegetable in the Asian countries. It is often consumed regularly as a staple. It is a root vegetable that provides potassium, magnesium, and vitamins C and B6. It also comes with the great benefit of curbing cravings which is very helpful while on a diet.

4. Rutabaga:

Commonly known as a yellow turnip, it can be a great alternative to potatoes that are high in carbs. This vegetable contains Vitamin C and also a pleasantly sweet and bitter taste. This vegetable is commonly cooked with lamb or sausages to give a balance of flavor as well as nutrients.

5. Watercress:

This vegetable is peppery and has small leaves. It is a relative of the cabbage and the mustard greens. It contains Vitamins A and K in good proportions. In addition, it also contains a compound called glucosinolate which can prevent a wide variety of cancers including but not limited to colon, breast, lung, and prostate. It is a great addition to salads and can be used instead of kale.

6. Cauliflower:

This is also a cruc9ferous vegetable that is widely popular among people on the Paleo diet. It is more nutritious than white rice and does not contain many carbs. It has fewer calories than broccoli but contains a lot in vitamin B. It also contains potassium in abundance.

7. Broccoli:

This may not come as a surprise as we have always been told to consume broccoli. It contains plenty of vitamin C, K and A along with folate and potassium. It can single-handedly bring about major changes in your health. It detoxifies the human body and reduces the risk of many diseases.

8. Collard greens:

These are a widely suggested vegetable to be consumed as a part of everyone’s diet. It has a good amount of the bone-strengthening vitamin K and lowers your cholesterol levels. It has a high fiber content and is greatly beneficial to your digestive system. It also promotes health and clear skin and better hair growth as it also contains Vitamin A.

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