5 Yoga poses exclusively for women

5 Yoga poses exclusively for women

A woman’s body is very different from that of a man and therefore needs a specific nutrient intake, exercise, and care, that focuses on the woman herself. From teenagers to mothers, to women entering menopause, the body of every woman keeps changing. Therefore in order to stay fit and flexible, you may adopt yoga which is a time-tested method to stay happy and healthy. Here are five different yoga poses that every woman must practice for staying healthy and strong.


Backbend: Camel Pose

This is a great pose of yoga which strengthens your spine. It opens your chest and also tones your thigh muscles. Women who spend a lot of time sitting may practice this pose to move the spine and stretch it in the opposite direction. It gives you better posture and upper body strength.

Side bend: Triangle pose

If you wish to tone your waist, this is the yoga pose for you. It makes your hamstrings more flexible and also reduces the stress you place on your shoulders. Also, try holding your breath and releasing it evenly while doing this pose as it makes the practice more streamlined and removes mental stress. It is also a great cure for women who suffer from backaches.

Balance pose: One leg standing balance

The balance of the body is very essential in life, especially as you approach old age. This pose improves your balance and prevents falling and injuries. It requires practice to achieve proper balance while performing this pose, but the effort pays off. This pose also improves your lower body strength. In the beginning, you may try performing the pose with the support of the wall and gradually transferring the balance. You may also try focusing on a single point in front of you to help maintain the balance.

Twist pose: Sitting spinal twist

This may be a difficult pose to figure out for beginners. You can watch a youtube tutorial which details step by step on how to perform this pose. Try to visualize your spine lengthening as you try this pose. Hold your breath five times on each side to regulate it. It is excellent for releasing the wound up tension in your muscles located on the sides of the spine. This pose improves your blood circulation and helps release harmful toxic substances from your body. It actually helps the lymphatic system in performing this very essential task of the human body.

Forward bend/inversion pose: Downward facing dog:

Start by placing your hands and knees firmly on the floor. Slowly lift your bottom in the air and tuck your toes underneath. Ensure that your legs are placed comfortably and look at your knees. If you feel that your legs are too tight or clenched, try to lift your heels alternatively until your hamstrings feel relaxed. This exercise is a very common and easy one and works on your calves and back.

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