Role of Yogasana in Weight Reduction

Role of Yogasana in Weight Reduction

Doing yoga has various proven health benefits. It makes you feel more calm and peaceful and makes your body stronger and more flexible. It tones your muscles and also helps you cut down on body fat. Therefore it can play a huge role in a weight reduction of your body. Before you adopt yoga as your weight reduction routine, however, you need to keep certain things in mind:

  • Yoga is a slow and peaceful form of work out. Therefore it does not raise your heart beat high enough to rapidly lose weight.
  • Eating healthy must be an essential part of your life if you want yoga to aid you in losing weight as it helps burn calories better.
  • There are various types of yoga, and you must select the one that works best for your body.
  • Combining yoga with running, walking or aerobics may give better results if your main goal is to reduce weight.
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    Advantages of Yoga:

    Losing weight is a simple balance between calories consumed and calories burnt. By making appropriate lifestyle choices, you can easily reduce weight. Yoga helps you understand your body better and therefore aids you in finding the right balance. It reduces stress and therefore brings down the “stress-eating” factor in weight gain. Yoga emphasizes listening to the signals your body gives you and using this to aid weight loss. This is a great strategy as it helps to bring a holistic approach to it. Going on diets and weight loss can indeed be a stressful affair, but with yoga, you are able to breeze through the experience.

    Choosing the right yoga:

    There are many types of yoga out there. In order to facilitate proper and efficient weight loss, you need to adopt a style that helps burn more calories. These usually involve fast-paced movements, deeper stretches, and more bending. You usually being with a set of sun salutations performed at a faster pace.
    They also include Ashtanga, power yoga, and hot yoga. While power yoga focuses on building up the heat and intensity, by rigorous poses and practices, hot yoga is a technique where a hot room is used to perform yoga. The hot room ensures sweating which helps increase the rate of calories burnt.
    Another form of yoga is the gentle yoga. This may not cause rapid weight loss but is a good way to nurture the human body. This form of yoga include styles such as Hatha Yoga, Kripalu Yoga etc. which is a great option for people of all body types.

    Start today!

    You need not always hit the gym or run many kilometers to lose weight. You can always perform yoga in the comfort of your home. There are many websites and youtube tutorials available that teach and guide you on the various techniques of yoga. You may also enroll for a course and then continue the practices at home. Consistency is the key to lasting results when it comes to Yoga. It ensures both physical and mental health and should be a integral part of your lives.

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