Low Carb Booze – Keto Paradox

Low Carb Booze – Keto Paradox

While on a ketogenic diet, most people believe that it is impossible to go to a party or have a drink with your friends. It is very difficult to find food outside that is low on carbs as they are present in almost all food and drinks around you. It is true that avoiding all alcoholic drinks is a good thing for your body. But it is also true that by finding the right alcoholic beverages, you can still maintain your Keto diet. You can start by avoiding all beer and wine and having only hard liquor. These are made from potatoes, fruits, sugars and grains like all others, but most of the sugar is converted into ethyl alcohol during the fermentation and distillation process. It is necessary to keep in mind that the amount you drink matters a lot. While drinking liquor in small proportions, your ketosis level is improved. Your liver can convert the alcohol to a triglyceride which increases the ketones produced. Let us take a look at some of the alcoholic beverages that you may take in small portions while on a keto diet.

Note: All alcoholic beverages contain a certain amount of carbs and these may vary from brand to brand. In order to carry on with your keto plan while consuming small portions of alcohol, you need to do the proper research exact nutritional value of the drinks before consuming them. The below list only provides a generalized idea on the types of the alcoholic beverages that may be consumed.

• Vodka
• Whiskey (and Scotch / Bourbon)
• Tequila
• Rum
• Gin
• Brandy
• Low-carb Wines
• Low-carb Beer
• Low-carb Cider

Once you have your research ready and your drink selected, you need to keep in mind that you need to also choose a proper chaser or a mixer to go with it. Some choices are:
• Sparkling water
• Diet carbonized water
• Diet soda
• Sugar-free energy drinks
• Water enhancers
• Bitters

While on a keto diet, it is essential to avoid sugars as much as possible. If you select cocktails or drinks with extra flavors, remember to make sure that they do not contain the following mixers:

• Port/Sherry
• Sweet Wines
• Sangria/Margarita Mix
• Wine Coolers/Alcopops
• Liqueurs

Figuring out what to avoid and which drinks to choose may seem very daunting at first. You can always get some help from the bartender by asking for a no-sugar drink. Also, ask them to not use fruit juices, syrups, and fruit toppings to your drinks which may increase the calorie content.

Consumption of alcohol while on a keto diet can cause you to lose stability and reduce tolerance at a quicker rate than normal. Some of the adverse effects include:
• High Calories
• Reduced Tolerance
• Heightened Hunger
• Dehydration
• Slower weight loss
• Ketoacidosis
Hence care should be taken to keep the intake at a minimum level. Also keep the body regularly hydrated and make sure not to have alcohol after not eating for a long period of time.

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