Lifestyle Strategies for Healthy Aging- Yogic ways

Lifestyle Strategies for Healthy Aging- Yogic ways

Growing old and aging is a natural part of everyone’s life. But, the lifestyle choices and the environment around us has a huge impact on the health of individuals. We are exposed to environments of violence, pollution, toxins etc in our day to day lives that affect our behaviors as well as our health. We may not have any control over these exposures. But by adopting certain lifestyle choices and practices, we may be able to experience a healthy aging process that may enable us to prevent certain diseases or health conditions that affect people in their old age.

According to WHO Healthy Ageing is “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age”. This basically means that the people should have the ability to:

• meet one’s own basic needs,
• to learn and make decisions;
• to be mobile,
• to build and maintain interpersonal relationships,
• to contribute effectively to society.

So how do we ensure a healthy aging process for ourselves? There are a number of ways in which we can do so. The very common advice we receive is to monitor and maintain a healthy diet, frequent health checks and practice of exercises and physical fitness routines. These fitness trends keep changing with time, but one trend that has been in existence and showing great results is the practice of Yoga. In addition to physical wellness, it also promotes spiritual and mental well-being. The series of stretches, breathing techniques and poses have proven impact on maintenance of good health and inhibiting some of the common health conditions that people have as they age. Let us look at some of the problems that yoga helps to combat to ensure healthy aging.

1. Backaches and spine related problems:

As we grow old, our spine and muscles tend to become weaker and cause issues such as chronic low back pain, which is very common and can be a disabling condition in many senior citizens. There are many drugs that help but come with the risk of side effects. Yogic practices help relieve the pain and are a non-drug therapy that has zero side effects. It keeps the muscles and bones in good shape and ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen to them.


2. Boost physical balance:

Aging tends to have a negative impact on our balance. It can cause falling and results in injuries. Recovering from injuries as we age becomes a very difficult process. Yoga which involves concentration and controlling our movements improves balance and mobility. Thus it effectively improves our balance.


3. Reduce the impact and symptoms of the disease:

As we age, recovering from and coping with diseases become a strenuous task. Practicing yoga helps to strengthen the body and the mind. It improves the general quality of life and helps to cope with a variety of diseases like Asthma, diabetes, Hypertension etc.


Begin Yoga Today!

There are many yoga classes and instructions available online as well as in your neighborhood. There also specific yoga techniques that can be targeted to help you with a specific type of illness or physical limitation. You can choose whichever suits you the best and gain relief from pain and live a long and healthy life.

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