Facts on healthy breakfast boosting carb burns

Facts on healthy breakfast boosting carb burns

We have heard so much about avoiding carbs and burning fats. Weight loss and fitness is an integral part of most people’s lives nowadays. What many people overlook is the importance of breakfast in burning carbohydrates in the body. Many studies in nutrition show that eating breakfast can help you burn carbohydrates more quickly. It also helps to reduce the glucose in our bloodstream by converting it into muscle mass. The rate at which carbs are burnt, increases after consuming breakfast. It helps the food to get digested and metabolized faster. Skipping breakfast, therefore, is not a good idea if you want to lose weight and have a toned body.


The researches conducted shows that the carbs that are burnt during exercise in the morning, don’t come just from the breakfast consumed. It pulls carbs stored in muscles in the form of glycogen and metabolizes it. This is what reduces the blood sugar content. This also helps digest and metabolize your lunch faster.

The results, however, are resultant of the type of food you consume for breakfast. Eating a high-fat breakfast isn’t necessarily a good thing as it inhibits blood glucose control at later meals. High protein and high carb diets show good results. One should choose low glycemic carb foods for breakfast in the morning. This includes foods like non-starchy vegetables, citrus fruits, herbs, and berries. It is also suggested that breakfast should be consumed within one hour after waking up. The carbohydrate-rich food like starchy veggies and grains can be consumed later during the day. This helps you to control your appetite. A lot of people experience cravings and dieting-related stress while undergoing weight loss. This can also be reduced by consuming low carbs in the morning and relatively higher carbs later in the day. This has shown to reduce the cortisol levels in your body. Remember to avoid honey or sugary foods for your breakfast.

Instead of having a full breakfast before your work out, you can try having a small snack as well. You can have some banana or almonds or just a handful of nuts around 45 minutes before you hit the gym. This will give you a quick supply of protein and healthy fats filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Preferably, you should also have a balanced meal or snack having high protein content after the workout.

Following these studies on the positive effects of eating breakfast on the human body, many other studies were conducted to see the best eating routines for people to have while trying to lose weight. The conclusion was that the best routine was “smart-eating”. This basically means eating three well-balanced meals with the right content of nutrients in it and high in fiber is what suits the body the best. You shouldn’t cut off carbs altogether. The meals should contain a healthy ratio of protein, fats, and carbs. These studies show that following through with three smart meals has a significant impact on obesity. The number of calories consumed every day should be not just be reduced but spread evenly throughout the day.

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