Ketogenic Diet – Anti-Headache Mix

Ketogenic Diet – Anti-Headache Mix

I’ll start with the basics of a Ketogenic diet. The logic is simple:

  1. Your body can burn glucose OR ketones for energy
  2. Eliminating glucose from your diet results in the body switching to Ketones as an alternate energy source
  3. Ketones come from fats – thus this results in rapid burning of the fats in case of a Fatty liver or a large fat reservoir around the gut. And you’re thin again!

Or so you thought. I’m sure about 3 weeks into the programme, you’re realizing you get headaches and food cravings every time you switch between ‘glucose-burning’ and ‘ketones-burning’ mode. Every time you take that one day break and gorge on your favourite pancakes with maple syrup – the next day you’re in for a ketogenic hangover!

Keto headache prevention at its best

Don’t ever binge-eat during a keto headache. You’ll end up putting on more weight, and you’re giving your body what it wants instead of what it needs. Remember sugar is an addictive drug as far as your brain is concerned – and it’ll keep craving for more!

Never fear. This concoction of my own creation has helped me completely eliminate the ketogenic hangover.

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Yep, this is a Concentrate. Just mix that up and store it in your fridge. Every day add 2 teaspoons of this to 1 litre of your drinking water, and you’re set.

What this does is:

  • Adds electrolytes:
    • Tiny amount of glucose (which will burn away in an instant)
    • Salt
    • Citric acid
  • Eliminates Salt cravings
  • Eliminates Sugar cravings

Magic! Never have a keto headache again!

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