I have a cold

I have a cold

Flu Season

I’d written this mid-October, but didn’t post because too many of my articles around the time were on a similar subject 🙂

So, I have a cold. But it’s so well under control, I’m able to work almost normally. I wanted to share what I’m doing to keep it under control and maybe it’ll help you workaholics continue to function. Note: If you have a fever, TAKE REST – none of this will work for you.

Keep the respiratory tract warm

The common cold is an upper respiratory tract (URT) infection, and the cold virus dies quicker if kept warm.

  • Use a scarf to ensure the hollow of the throat and the area around it are kept warm.
  • Wear a jacket if the weather is cool and roll the collar up if needed.

Keep food consumption continuous

When they say “feed a cold” it doesn’t mean you should gorge on food and then suffer a distended stomach in addition to the cold. It means that you should keep your mouth munching.

  • Keep the food ‘flowing’.
  • Remember to chew extra because it’s the increased activity in the mouth/throat/upper respiratory tract region that helps reduce the cold impact.
  • I’d suggest carrying around plain toasted (oil-free, salt-free) peanuts / hazelnuts / cashews
  • If you have a nut allergy, gluten-free crackers/soup sticks work fairly well too.

Keep your tea flowing

Green teas, herbal teas – they have stimulants and antioxidants which help both bolster immunity and keep the throat warm. So you’re not just killing the virus faster (warmth) you’re also helping your body fight it better.

  • Green tea, Oolong tea, etc
  • Other herbal teas

Plus it’ll keep your throat moist and which means the hoarseness from cough/sneezing will be less.

Ginger, Lemon and Honey

A slice of ginger soothes the inflammed regions of the URT and reduces the incidence of cough. If a honey-lemon-ginger tea works for you it’s a healing remedy like no other.

  • A spoon of Honey with a small amount of grated ginger and few drops of lemon. Mix well and park it in your mouth, preferably below the tongue. Once a day – it lasts about 5-10 mins. (Take a break and avoid speaking for those 5-10 mins, it’s doesn’t harm)
  • Honey-ginger-lemon in your tea helps increase the effectiveness of the tea


Meditation helps the body catch up on lost rest, re-energize and re-vitalize, but takes only 15-20 minutes of your real work time. Ditch the smoke break and coffee breaks and take a meditation break instead.

  • Set an alarm so you don’t doze off
  • Wash your face with warm running water, or heat up water in a glass and use a handkerchief to wipe off your face – it feels a lot better

Now with winter coming up, I’m sure there’s a lot of people suffering from needless seasonal allergies and colds and whatnot. Do these things and I’m sure you’ll be really fine!

Live long and prosper.

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