Week 1 & 2: Keto Diet plan

Are you here to find a good meal plan for Keto for a couple weeks? You are at the right place. Without further ado lets dive right in.


Week 1:

• This being your first week, try to keep it simple. Start with a low carb diet instead of cutting out carbs totally. This will help with the even transition and managing cravings. This is the week you may be prone to experiencing “Keto Flu”. This consists of a set of side effects of the diet such as headaches, fatigue, nausea etc which generally clears up on its own in a couple of days. Remember to drink lots of water and electrolytes to ease these symptoms. Try taking some water with some salt dissolved once in a while. This of course may vary from person to person so be sure to talk to a health professional first.

• Breakfast:
Breakfast is usually the hardest, so let’s make it easy, quick and tasty so that it will motivate you to not skip it. Start the week on a weekend so as to give yourself time to get accustomed to it. Make something that can last for a week and store it in the fridge if you have a busy morning schedule for the week. Always remember to eat it before rushing off to work.

• Lunch:
Mostly you will be eating lunch while at work. So keep this simple too. Simply put, this will usually consist of a salad and some meat which can be made delicious with healthy fat rich dressing. You can even use leftovers from breakfast or the previous night if you don’t find enough time to cook the meal. Try to ensure that the canned meat you purchase has no additives.

• Dinner:
Dinner should be your lightest meal. Make a salad of leafy greens like spinach or broccoli and add some meat to it. It should contain high fat and a moderate amount of protein in it. It is suggested to forgo desserts for the first 2 weeks.

Week 2:

Having successfully completed week 1, let’s move to week 2. By now your keto flu must have settled. For this week we should try reducing our carb content as close as possible to the Keto ratio and increase consumption of healthy fats. You can consume healthy fats such as cream, butter, nuts etc as little snacks in moderation to curb your cravings.

• Breakfast:
If you find cooking breakfast very hectic in the morning, there are many keto-friendly items available in the market that you can try. From keto-proof nutribars to keto-proof coffee, you can choose what works best for you. These also come in various flavors and tastes to keep you from getting bored with the same food every day. Substitute your normal oil in the kitchen with coconut oil to boost the healthy fats you consume.

• Lunch:
This week also the lunch can be kept simple. Green veggies and leftover meat with high-fat dressing is the ideal lunch for any keto diet, so stick to this. Ensure that you always balance the ingredients you add to the diet according to its protein, fat and carb content.

• Dinner:
You can consume meat and vegetables that are topped off with butter which gives it a tastier feel and makes you feel fuller. Avoid overdoing any of this and always remember to eat sufficiently. Starving yourself is never good for you.

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