Keto Flu: Is it dreadfu?l

Keto Flu: Is it dreadfu?l

People who want to lose weight are instantly drawn to Keto diets and its amazing results. But many are reluctant to attempt it because they are afraid to encounter the well known “Keto Flu”. Most people who have tried to adopt a Keto diet have faced the dreaded keto flu and crossed the hurdle. Some just have a brush with it while others often face a very difficult situation.


What is Keto flu?

This a term used to refer to a face in Ketogenesis. It is the period of time when your body is getting accustomed to the Keto diet you are undergoing. The change in what you eat affects the way your body functions. Inside your digestive tract, there are many bacteria that are beneficial to your body. By changing your diet and increasing the fat intake, you kill the bacteria rapidly that feed on carbs. This can cause various diseases like
• Diarrhea
• Headaches
• Nausea
• Lack of mental focus
• Fatigue

These are basically the same symptoms as the general flu. This is because when your immune system is attacked, it reacts in ways that are very close to a flu. This phase though doesn’t last very long and usually goes away without any medication.once you get through this phase, it gets better slowly. Now let us look at some of the factors that contribute to the keto flu.

i. Change in intake:
On a keto diet, you change from getting energy from carbs to getting energy from fats. This is actually the preferred fuel source for your body. The fat you consume gives you more energy with the lesser intake. But your body is very used to burning carbs and thus is affected by the sudden change. During the adjustment, your body throws some symptoms your way just to let you know just to let you know about the changes happening.

ii. Time Period:
The symptoms for most people are minor are take very less time to pass. Some people may take a longer time to get over the keto flu. The reason for this is that your bodies are taking more time to adjust than others. The only way to get through is to power through until the symptoms disappear, or visit a nutritionist.

Dealing with the flu:
Here are some ways to lessen the intensity of the flu and give yourself a better Keto life.
1. Salt and water: Ensuring you stay hydrated and consuming salts is a great way to help your body deal with keto flu. Add sufficient electrolytes to your routine.
2. More fat: Consuming more healthy fat is a great way to give your body additional support.
3. Less protein: protein may sound really good for your muscles, but remember not to eat excess protein while on Keto.
4. Slow start: Start the diet at a slow pace and slowly work towards your goal methodically. This may make the symptoms less severe for you.

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