The Top Five Yoga Asanas for Pregnant Women

The Top Five Yoga Asanas for Pregnant Women

Is your little one on the way? If you are expecting a cute baby soon, we wish you a very congratulations. It is very important for you as the bearer of the child to take care of yourself so that you give birth to a health baby. It must be difficult for you to understand what type of physical workout you should take, to maintain your weight which does not harm the bay at all. As they say, yoga is the best way to go. You can opt for the following yoga poses if you are expecting a bay anytime near:


Marjariasana or the cat stretch
This yoga is very helpful in enhancing the blood circulation in your body. It does not harm the baby in any way and is super helpful for the bay. It helps in stretching the neck and the shoulders which encounter pain if you are going to have baby. It will also keep your abdominal region all toned and your spine very flexible.

Veerbhadrasana or the warrior pose
This is one of the best yoga poses to do if you pregnant. It helps in stimulating the balance of your body. It tones the muscles on your arms, lower back, and legs, it also increases stamina in your body which is great for pregnant ladies.

Badhakonasana or butterfly pose
This yoga helps in alleviating fatigue and tiredness. It helps in the smooth delivery of the baby. It is also helpful in relieving pain and is helpful in the stretching of knees and thighs. It will help in improving your flexibility and the groin region.

Shavasana or the corpse pose
This is am excellent and the easiest of all the yoga poses. All you have to di lay and stretch your body, it helps in releasing the tension and pain in the muscles. It repairs the cells of your bodies and allows self-healing which is very vital. It also helps in reliving tress.

Trikonasana or the triangle pose
This yoga pose helps in reducing the stress and the pain caused in your back due to the weight of the child. It helps in maintaining your mental as well as physical strength. You can improve the balance of your body. It is very useful for pregnant women as during pregnancy the centre of gravity for them changes, it helps in opening your hips and stretching them which is extremely helpful during pregnancy.

Pregnancy brings a lot of happiness but also comes with a lot of stress and pain. You might have to struggle more than your husband as you have to bear the weight of the child. You may also put on extra weight during the same due to increase in diet. Yoga is vey helpful in helping you getting prepared for the delivery as well as combatting the excessive pain, tension, or stress that is cause in your body and in your mind as well.

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