How can yoga support your fertility period?

How can yoga support your fertility period?

Practicing Yoga benefits both your mind and your body. It strengthens your body and makes it more flexible. Yoga helps in releasing stress out of your body and boosts your mindfulness. Yoga is strongly recommended if you are planning for a baby because of the infinite benefits you get from Yoga.


Infertility has become a commonly seen struggle in the United States. Statistics says that every 1 out of 8 couples suffer from infertility at some time in their lives. Infertility shows bad effects on a woman’s physical health, mental health and emotions. Though it is not an easy journey to go with, Yoga can bring a positive vibe and hope in the couple and help them to keep up with the good and bad. Below are 5 ways to get support to your fertility through Yoga. These works best even if you have just started your trials or already in trials from long back.


Now a days people spend more time sitting at one place and mind only their thoughts but not their bodies. We end up disconnecting with our bodies and ignore the clues our bodies give us for their needs. This could be even more worse for the women trying to conceive.
Yoga paths a way to reconnect to your body and attend its needs. Yoga revives the senses of your body and you can notice changes slowly. Listening to your body needs and work accordingly is a key factor in fertility.


In today’s world, stress is everywhere – at your work place, at home, managing finances, relationships, etc. Stress is a vital factor that causes infertility and in turn infertility raises the stress levels. Trying to conceive at this point is highly tough to handle.
Yoga is the best remedy to get rid of stress and slow down your mind with peace and calm. Yoga also stops the stress response by controlling our emotions and activating a part of our nervous system that ensures safety for our bodies. It may take a long time to have control on your stress levels, but it is definitely possible with Yoga.


Blood carries Oxygen to various parts of our body and that oxygen provides energy and helps the body parts to work efficiently. In order to make our reproductive system healthy and work perfectly, maintain constant blood circulation to the inner organs. Sitting for more time in a day limits the flow of blood to the pelvis.
Yoga postures relaxes the muscles around the pelvis and allows a free blood flow. Chinese believe that “Chi”, a stagnant energy causes infertility. Yoga clears this by opening the energy channels and makes chi move through the body.


Hormones in our body are controlled by Endocrine system. This gland takes care of sex hormones, adrenal and thyroid hormones. Due to several reasons, when one lacks its consistency, it effects all the other hormones balance and ends up failing various body functionalities. Generally, hormonal imbalance is caused due to stress or life style of an individual. Stabilizing hormones is necessary for better fertility.

Practicing Yoga regularly maintains balance in hormonal release in your body by reducing stress levels. Yoga mainly deals with Chakras in your body. Yoga activates all the seven main chakras which in turn regulates your hormones by controlling relevant glands.

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