Principles of Yoga – Must Follow Guide

Principles of Yoga – Must Follow Guide

Nowadays, doing yoga is a trend among individuals to stay fit and active. In yoga, it is very important that you should maintain posture, do right asanas and much more. Here, we are going to introduce you with 5 principles which you should keep in mind while doing yoga that may help to better your postures and get health benefits.


1. Work from the powdered up
When you’re going to make pose always try to shot your body to make self-adjustments. Do mental observations of the pose and make sure is it contacted with the ground, are you entrenched, you made modifications with arches in foot and ankles. Do your feet feel they’re in right position? Are your standing position is stable and satisfying? After this, move your hips, belly, spine, and then shoulders to the top of the head.

2. Press- reflection principle
Think about one thing when you drop the ball on the floor and imagine how the ball bounces. This means when you apply force to floor it create pressure in the opposite direction in an upward way. You have to follow the instruction “root to rise”.You can do side planks or Vaisthasana. When you give pressure to the floor with your hands how it feels? Do you feel nimbleness in the body? You can feel the same in doing a handstand, when you give pressure by your hands you will feel nimble kick-ups.

3. Do moves with alertness
It is an important aspect you should keep in mind. Doing yoga is a piece of cake its need focus and motivation to do. The numbers of poses are risky in yoga, therefore, your one mistake will prove as bad for you. So be alert and do all poses with proper guidance whether it takes to understand, but when you do it give you best. Bend your body with softness and easiness, keep practicing, and do not apply force to any move. Suppose you’re doing hamstrings and they’re less elastic or you turn forward the spine will end-up and you put your disc into risk.

4. Double actions
One of the best way to help ourselves is by thinking all the actions have dual actions. For example, while doing tadasana or mountain pose, we have to press the thigh bones and back even we have to do a dual action such as lengthen the buttock to keep them away from the waist. If we press only thighs back we put our lower back in risk or in case we stretch only buttocks it creates a flat back. Dual actions are important to do.

5. Movement VS Action
There is a huge difference between movement and action. For example, if we lift up our arms this involve with major muscles and change the position of the body that’s called movement whereas in action when we lift up our feet or toes from the ground. The action occurs when your mind brings the awareness and crooked it into ambiances.

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