Aiming for High Ketone levels – Is it safe?

Aiming for High Ketone levels – Is it safe?

Ketogenic diets are the way to go for the world of today and the people are blindly following it; most of the people hitting the gym or taking a weight loos regime, are on a keto diet. They tend to understand that keto diet is helpful in weight loss. For a fact, keto diet is extremely good for people to lose weight. However, if you overdo anything, it is possible that it may go wrong. Keto diets are only helpful in losing weight and work positively on your body, only if you maintain the level which is optimum to be maintained in your body.
As good as it is for you to go around having a ketogenic diet, over doing the same can cause a lot of trouble for you and your health overall. Ketosis which is a natural phenomenon of the body during metabolism, takes place when the carbs intake your body goes low which happens when you are on a ketogenic diet. This condition in the body can cause your insulin level to lower and it also causes your fat cells to release a lot of fats in your body. When his type of situation happens, your liver gets unusual amount of fat in itself.


When you are incurring ketosis, a lot part of your body is involved in burning fat and calories. This also includes a major part of your brain. It may not happen at once, but with time, it slowly does happen. However, when you over do the ketone level in your body, there is no carb intake in your body to make your brain function.

This leads to causing of the low carb flu or the keto flu which further causes the following:
• Fatigue
• Poor sleep
• Nausea
• Increased hunger
• Headache
• Decreased physical activity
The entire motive of starting a keto diet is ruined with this flu and you start to gain weight instead of loosing it due to the mentioned symptoms.

These issues may seem discouraging, however, you need not be discouraged. This happens only if you do not follow the fact that too much anything spoils everything. Ig you are on a keto diet, then you must make sure that you act on it within limits and not over do it as it may be harmful.

As long as you maintain a follow up with the ketogenic diet in a limited manner, there is nowhere you could go wrong with it. if you over do it, you can even get to have diabetes due to hampered insulin levels, and further a lot more conditions intrigued.

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