Keto Snacks – What is your favorite?

Keto Snacks – What is your favorite?

Sticking to a diet can be very hard. Especially between your meals when your hunger creeps up on you. Almost 90% of people resort to giving up on their diets due to these cravings. So we bring to you a list of snacks that can satisfy these hunger without causing you major changes in your calorie intake and while still enabling you to stay on the keto diet.


Hard-boiled eggs:
These are your best friends while on a keto diet. It provides a good supply of protein and fat while still remaining low calorie. You can also easily carry it around with you on your working days.

These are very high in healthy fats and also contain protein. They make an excellent snack which is low-carb and are a good option for a snack while you are on a keto diet. They are also said to have a lot of benefits for a healthy heart. Remember though to stick to a measured portion of these nuts and not bine eat them.

Sunflower seeds:
These are a source of not just healthy fat, but also fiber. They also contain a little amount of protein so can be a good pre work out snack. Being easily portable, all you need is to carry a small packet of these in your pocket wherever you go.

Avocados are delicious and keto friendly fruits filled with healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. They also contain minerals like fiber and potassium in smaller quantities. They are easily available and very tasty alternative to carb high fruits. Half an avocado as a serving would be just right for satiating your snack cravings.

Olives and cucumber:
Take a cup of sliced cucumbers and add a few olives to it. This a great keto snack and has great health benefits too. It provides a supplement of sodium in your body and promotes ketosis. The lack of sodium in your body can cause a lot of risks such as dehydration and constipation, so this snack actually helps you make your keto diet better.

Egg Salad:
Eating eggs have a variety of health benefits. It modifies blood cholesterol. Therefore it reduces the risk of stroke and heart diseases. It also provides choline which is very necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and liver health. In order to make a healthy salad snack, smash the egg and mix it with some mustard and mayonnaise and consume fresh. This is very beneficial for fighting the risk of diabetes as well.

Fruits are generally not a part of keto diets. So by saving up on calories by eating super healthy food, you can leave some room for consumption of berries. This is not just a great snack but also a refreshing change in between strictly keto meals. Mix up some raspberries with some whipping cream for a delicious dessert.

Flaxseed Crackers:
Crackers are generally off limits on a keto diet. But not all crackers need to be full of carbs. There is a great alternative available for keto diets, i.e. crackers made out of flaxseeds. They are high in omega-3 fats and not just go with the keto diet but also satisfy your cracker cravings.

Nuts are always a handy snack to go with keto, provided you keep track of how much you consume. They are low in carbs and high in good fats. Almonds are especially good as they also contain high protein content. They are also believed according to recent researches to prolong life expectancy and also improve your brain’s functioning.

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