“Heartfullness” – Wellness of the Soul

“Heartfullness” – Wellness of the Soul

In recent years increasing attention has been given to the concept of “mindfulness”. Both in clinical and non-clinical settings, so much so that usage of the term has now been become mainstream. However modern culture is scarce on the true definition of mindfullness. We on the other hand believe mindfullness is partly responsible for the low-eq (emotional quotient) state of today’s society. Modern society’s definition of mindfullness always seems to follow the whims of the mind.

Now – the definition of ‘heartfulness’. One definition of heartfulness – its a state of being where the centre or locus of control is the heart. We speak not of the physical heart as a pumping station of blood, but the ‘spiritual’ heart as the guiding principle in one’s life. So often, the intellect is less of the determining force in our personal interactions and decision-making.

We ‘refer to the heart’ when deciding matters of a more personal nature – including matters that are moral or spiritual – rather than the mind.

Heartfullness Meditation is a tremendously powerful tool that calms the mind, and benefits the soul. I’ve been practicing this meditation since 2001 – and it’s been a valuable source for the kind of peace and serenity in my life that nothing else can provide.

Heartfullness is spread by the non-profit known as “Sri Ram Chandra Mission” based at www.srcm.org

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