Mechanics of true Holistic Wellness

Wholesome, Holistic Wellness
Wholesome, Holistic Wellness

Did you know, the concept of wellness as originally introduced sometime around 5000 BC was a very deep, holistic approach? Surprisingly a majority of the things we know today are re-discoveries of the traditional concept of holistic health – which in itself means we’re wasting valuable time running around from doctor to doctor, therapist to therapist and losing our mind in the process!

Wellness Tree is a very objective, analytical approach to complete Holistic Wellness – naturally this means we will pick apart and analyze all kinds of concepts in the world of wellness with a view to bringing the best possible outcome.

In the coming weeks, the Wellness Tree team will look through all known concepts of health, wellness and prosperity and provide a thorough analysis with our conclusions.

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Hi this is Angel! I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area and freelance Wellness Tree. It's so refreshing to finally have some real all-round wellness focused organization; one that actually DOES what they say. Thanks everyone for reading!