Can you be on ketosis and still not lose weight?

Keto diet is one of the primary options if you are looking for efficient and health weight loss regime. Keto diet actually refers to taking more of protein and cutting back on your carbs intake. This makes the body accumulate less fat, enhancing metabolism, improve digestion, build muscles, and also ultimately helping in weight loss. Now you may be taking a keto diet for a long time and still not getting to see the results. This might be because somewhere you are going wrong with your diet etiquette. To make it easy for you, we have listed down a few major reasons which may be making it impossible for you to lose weight even after trying so hard:


1. Over consumption of food is one primary reason. If you are over consuming the food items which are on your keto diet list and not maintaining proper portions and timely meals, then it may get difficult for you lose weight.
2. If your protein intake is too much, it cannot help you lose weight. When you consume a lot protein rich food and nothing else to empower it, your brain starts to misbehave and now has no carbs for it to make it function properly. Your body depreciates in blood sugar and tend to perform less. Thus, a moderate amount of protein is helpful.
3. If you are not eating much, or are eating very less in your diet, it may also lead to not losing weight. Your metabolism gets ruined if you eat importantly and put a lot of time within your meals which is not at all helpful in weight loss.
4. When you are not following the level of ketones you must intake for your body, you do not lose weight at all. It makes your body lose control over itself and you are not able to maintain a follow up with diet.
5. One of the rother reason is that you may be allergic to something. May be a food item you just consumed may be having its die effects on you and you may not be able to process it in your body and is acting as a hindrance for your weight loss regime.
If you ae taking up a diet, it is important that you know about it in detail. You can take help of people who have knowledge about it or the internet, but make sure you do things the right way.

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