Daily Reminder

Daily reminder toolkit coming soon. Basically we want you to stick to your diet. So if you need a reminder to see how well your diet is going – we’d love to send you one!

People need to be reminded, more often than they need to be instructed. –Samuel Johnson

When people see they’re doing good with something, the desire to do that increases! The idea with a daily reminder is precisely this. You’re a great person, a great soul. We want you to feel GREAT about wellness, and feel GREAT about feeling GREAT.

The daily reminder plugin will be coming in soon; shortly thereafter we can tell you daily how amazing you are 🙂

Here’s the features our daily reminder toolkit will provide you:

  • Daily early morning 6 AM reminder for a quick walk in the fresh air
  • Daily brunch reminder around 11 AM for a quick metabolism-boosting brunch
  • Tea time reminder to eat healthy! Around 4 PM
  • Eat a healthy dinner reminder at around 7 PM
  • One good-night Quote from history to keep your mind working for you through the night; basically a post-dessert food-for-thought 😀

Thanks again!