Can you be on ketosis and still not lose weight?

Keto diet is one of the primary options if you are looking for efficient and health weight loss regime. Keto diet actually refers to taking more of protein and cutting back on your carbs intake. This makes the body accumulate less fat, enhancing metabolism, improve digestion, build muscles, and also ultimately helping in weight loss. […]

Understanding the difference between Yoga and Yoga Therapy

With the popular health benefits of Yoga, they have been widely accepted worldwide. There are thousands of well-documented researches cited the proven improving health conditions of taking up yoga. But why people take up yoga seriously is because they attract self-improvement and maintain mental health along with the other health benefits. Yoga in every form […]

What is Lazy Keto? Do they work?

Have you heard of Lazy Keto? We all know how difficult it is to follow through with any diet and how laziness can be the biggest factor of failure. As keto diets are very popular nowadays, Lazy keto is a new emerging trend on the social media which is an approach of not tracking calories […]